Nurturing the minds and bodies of tomorrow

Finalist of Kent Business Awards ‘Start Up Business’ 2019 and nominee for national WhatsOn4Kids award for ‘Most Loved New Activity’.

Once Upon the Mat launched in 2018 and provides baby massage, baby yoga, multi-sensory baby development and children’s yoga classes in Kent.

The ethos embedded in all of our classes is wellbeing, mental health, nurture, child development and education.



  • Teaches respect, builds confidence and promotes self-love
  • Encourages children to recognise and respond to emotions
  • Reduces stress and anxiety & equips children with the tools to relax
  • Improves memory and concentration. 
  • Explores creativity and imagination
  • Develops better body awareness, flexibility and coordination
  • Improves the immune system & sleep. Build strength & stamina
  • Helps children to feel secure in an uncertain world

Funding for schools & nurseries

Whilst PHSE and Physical Education budgets vary from school to school, the government have introduced The Healthy Pupils Capital Fund which is intended to improve physical activity, healthy eating, mental health and wellbeing.

Children’s yoga for school as a curriculum practice, could also be funded through other available grants and bursaries provided to schools. These include:

  • Curriculum enrichment budgets
  • PSHE funding
  • Sport and PE grants
  • Pupil Premium funding

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I began practising yoga at the tender age of twelve, and truly understand the holistic benefits the practice brings mentally and physically.

The main style of yoga I practice and teach is Hatha (effort), which is the practice of asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing exercises) to bring peace to the mind and body, and Vinyasa (flow), a combination of flowing sequence of poses synchronised to a breathe.

The birth of my son Rafi, who is now two years old, inspired me to focus on developing an innovative curriculum of yoga for children. Our enjoyment of practising yoga at home together ignited a passion to train as a children’s yoga teacher in order to share the practice with other children, and experience firsthand their personal journey and enjoyment of yoga

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Ethos & Philosophy

Each and every time a child partakes in a Once Upon the Mat yoga class, they will experience and delve not just their own personal inquiry, but through the adventures of story and journey, they will travel through a fictional world of possibilities and realm of imagination.

Once Upon the Mat yoga programme understands the importance of building resilient children and young people. Our sessions provide students with an opportunity to experience a personal journey of the self, through an encounter of theme, which allows individuals to contribute as social beings within the community and the wider world.

Our main vision is to embed yoga practice into your school’s existing curriculum. Our innovative sessions provide schools with a new concept to further support the existing holistic curriculum. Classes have been carefully developed to embrace the National Curriculum and incorporates its aims, targets and objectives built around the concept of mindfulness, as well as embed the promotion of British Values throughout lessons. Discussions on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural are at the forefront of our philosophy, due to the expertise of the educator’s knowledge on Religious Studies, Theology and PSHE. Read more…


After working in a range of schools, I have never experienced a more enriching programme for children. I cannot recommend Once Upon the Mat enough. Adele’s classes are so well crafted to fully benefit children’s holistic development. Educational and truly powerful. I would recommend to all educators and parents!

Casey Erin Hall

Adele is an amazing teacher and my baby loved every minute of his baby yoga class! Plus he was so exhausted after all the fun he had had he slept for 2.5hours afterwards!!

Isabella Guarella

Had the most wonderful experience and time with my son doing baby yoga. Adele is innovative, creative and so welcoming. We have done some new things which are different from any other class out there. Highly recommend this class

Jemma Harris

Adele is a brilliant instructor. The classes are excellent and a perfect opportunity to take time to bond with your baby. If you are going to do at least one baby group/class with your child the this should be it!

Bethan Coles