Each and every time a child partakes in a Once Upon the Mat yoga class, they will experience and delve not just their own personal inquiry, but through the adventures of story and journey, they will travel through a fictional world of possibilities and realm of imagination.

Once Upon the Mat offers baby, pre-school and children’s yoga classes to the public, nurseries and pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools across Kent. We offer classes from as early as six weeks old, up until the age of twelve years.

Our multi-sensory baby development class ‘Baby Discovery’ held in Cantebury, Kent brings a new innovavtive approach to the delivery of baby classes in Kent. This fun and engaging class supports that babies are natural explorers and thrive in enironments of discovery. Our magical sensory filled classes are created and designed with your baby’s development and sensory experience in mind! (aswel as lots of fun of course!)

Parents and babies will be greeted into a positive, exciting and magical sensory environment. There are eight weeks of mutli-sensory themed classes where you will both take adventures and discoveries  through the exploration of the following sensory themes:

“Under the Sea”, “A Very British Tea Party”, “Under the Weather”, “Fly me to the Moon”, “In the Jungle”,”Entering the Circus Show”,”Rock ‘n’ Roll” & “Super Baby”.

Our multi-sensory baby development classes includes songs, bubbles, sensory play, musical instruments, light show, popular nursery rhyme, puppets, baby massage, and baby yoga.

Our ‘Baby Discovery’ class is specifically designed to encourage the key development milestones of baby, and there are also many benefits for parents too:

– Develops baby’s first language: touch
– Aids communication through song
– Teaches positive loving touch of baby
– Improves quality of sleep
– Helps reduce fractiousness in babies
– Alleviates trapped wind, colic and constipation
– Movements to encourage crawling and walking
– Develops coordination and awareness of body
– Helps with bonding and attachment
– Promotes relaxation
– Opportunity to meet other parents
– Helps parents to understand their babies cues
– Teaches parents practical tools to common aliments
– Special bonding time with baby
– Helps parents to communicate with their baby
– Strengthens pelvic floor and core muscles

 Once your child reaches two years old they will be able to attend our pre-school children’s yoga classes. Our fun and lively classes allow pre-schoolers to shift their focus on their mind, bodies and feelings within a creative and exciting class. These pre-school children’s yoga classes allow children to experience a sensory yoga journey through well known stories such as ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘Dear Zoo’, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and many more!

Combined with breathing exercises with feathers and bubbles, song, yoga poses, yoga games such as ‘Toe-Ga’, ‘Downward Dog Tunnels’ and ‘Yogi-Says’, children benefit the following benefits from our classes:

– Develops feelings of being secure and loved
– Aids language development
– Promotes relaxation and encourages quiet time
– Improves quality of sleep
– Encourages listening skills
– Special bonding with parents/grandparents
– Increases confidence and self esteem
– Strengthens and tones muscles for movement
– Can help reduce tantrums and fractiousness
– Teaches routine and structure
– Helps with bonding and attachment.


Our pre-school children’s yoga are designed with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) in mind and can help support language, communication and literacy through storytelling and song, physical movement through yoga, mathematics through shapes and counting, understanding the world through sensory exploration, and expressive arts and design through creative and engaging classes, which encourage discussion of feelings and the world around us, and to end, teaches children to be still through a visual guided relaxation. These classes are more than just yoga, they are education!

Whilst Once Upon the Mat offers breakfast clubs, lunch classes, after-school sessions, assemblies and educational workshops, our main vision is to embed yoga practice into your school’s existing curriculum.

Our innovative sessions provide schools with a new concept to further support the existing holistic curriculum.

Classes have been carefully developed to embrace the National Curriculum and incorporates its aims, targets and objectives built around the concept of mindfulness, as well as embed the promotion of British Values throughout lessons.

Discussions on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural are at the forefront of our philosophy, due to the expertise of the educator’s knowledge on Religious Studies, Theology and PSHE.

Our primary and secondary school children’s yoga classes provide students with an opportunity to experience a personal journey of the self, through an encounter of theme, which allows individuals to contribute as social beings within the community and the wider world. KS1 classes embody literacy at the centre of each class, where story builds the foundation of the delivery of the yoga lesson. KS2 and Year 7 secondary school classes focus on our ‘Resilience Yoga Curriculum Programme’. This programme allows children to explore topics surrounding anxiety, positive body image, self-esteem, believing in yourself and many more. As part of the curriculum programme, schools are able to purchase Once Upon the Mat yoga journals, to support and enhance the children’s learning experience. These also provide an excellent tool for children to document their exploration, progression and development through reflective writing. Furthermore, these personal yoga journals can also be used as OFSTED evidence to support positive health and well-being, as well as cross- curricular approaches to learning.