Baby Sensory Kent

Baby Sensory Kent: Class duration
  Baby Sensory Kent classes are 45 minutes PLUS socialising time over tea, coffee & biscuits after class.

Age appropriate sessions

A fun, lively, and creative multi-sensory baby development class. Suitable for babies as young as six weeks old up until pre-walking! Each class will take you and your baby on a magical adventure through a sensory experience. Classes include: songs, nursery rhymes, sensory play, bubbles, light show, puppets, musical instruments, parachute play, baby yoga and baby massage!

There are EIGHT sensory class themes:

– Under the Sea
– In the Jungle
– Entering the Circus Show
– A Very British Tea Party
– Fly me to the Moon
– Rock ‘n’ Roll
– Super Baby
– Under the Weather

Baby Sensory Kent

Classes are created and designed to benefit and encourage the development of your baby in the following:

-Language & development

-Stimulate your baby’s senses

-Gross and fine motor skills

-Body awareness

-Encourage bond between parent & baby

– Strengthening muscles

-Develop vestibular system

Baby Sensory Kent

Come and join us on a magical sensory adventure as you fly on the trapeze, explore jelly in our messy British tea party, sing under our rainbow umbrellas, dive under our ocean parachute, splash with the ducks at the for and become a very special super hero and save the day!

Parents are not limited to the eight week course, and many participants have enjoyed the sessions so much they keep rejoining the course for more terms!

Our baby sensory Kent classes welcome parents and babies into positive, non-judgemental environment, where they are greeted with warmth, creativity and friendship within a mutli-sensory exploratory space! Contact today.



Classes are £30 for 4 weeks

Babies are natural explorers, and as soon as they are born they are ready to begin learning about the world around them.

Babies do this through sensory experience which heightens their understanding of the world as they piece together their unique sensory puzzle. By doing this your baby is learning to reach new development milestones and become more aware of their body.


Baby Sensory Kent
Baby Sensory Kent
Baby Sensory Kent
Baby Sensory Kent
Baby Sensory Kent
Baby Sensory Kent
Baby Sensory Kent