Baby Nurture

Class duration

Class duration is 45 minutes.

Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 10 participants per course, which is smaller than our other classes to create a calming and nurturing environment for your new baby, and an opportunity for parents to connect with each other and ask any questions they may have.

Age appropriate sessions 

Baby massage classes suitable from birth to pre-crawling.

This is the perfect “first class” to attend with your baby and each week through baby massage and baby reflexology we will cover how you can feel confident to respond to:

– Teething

– Colic & Constipation

– Coughs & Colds

– Sleep

You will become equipped with a wonderful toolbox of strategies to calm and connect with your baby, and tips to deal with trickier times to respond to them confidently. In addition, I am a fully qualified 4th Trimester Practitioner so I am able to offer support and guidance specific to those early months.

As a parent myself, I fully understand how difficult it is when you are struggling to manage the relentless screaming that colic causes, the exhaustion due to lack of sleep as baby will just not settle, the feelings of helplessness as your hear baby crying as their struggle to pass a stool, and the how to respond to baby when they are clingy and fussy due to common cold, coughs and teething.

Benefits of Baby Massage & Reflexology: 

• Aids improved sleep
• Empowers you to soothe baby aliments such as teething, digestion, constipation, sleep problems and colic.
• Encourages deeper bonding
• Improves sensory awareness
• Strengthens the immune system
• Normalizes muscle tone and improves blood circulation
• Relaxes baby
• Stimulates brain development

Parents are natural ‘nurturers’ who love, teach, develop and support their babies to enable them to grow to their full potential. At ‘Once Upon the Mat’ we are passionate about the nurturing of parents too! Our ethos underpins the philosophy that parents must also be nurtured within a positive and supportive environment in order to maximise their role as nurturers to their babies. That’s why when you experience a ‘Once Upon the Mat’ class you will immediately be welcomed into a non-judgemental, friendly, safe space where you will be remembered by name and indulged with every attention to be made to feel special! This is how we feel we are different to other classes! Not only this but the classes offer huge benefits for parents too!

Benefits for parents:

• Improved positive communication with baby
• Increases self-esteem and alleviates symptoms of post-natal depression
• Builds a relationship of trust & respect
• Builds quality bonding time to improve the level of intimacy and love between parent and child.
• Gain social benefits from meeting other parents
• Provides fathers the opportunity to improve the bond with baby.
• Allows parents to relax in a calm, welcoming and positive environment


Classes are £50 for 5 weeks

(Includes a bottle of organic cold-compressed sunflower oil and digital massage & reflexology document). 

Private 1:1 Sessions


One to One private sessions within the comfort of your own home. 

£45 per hour

(*Travel expenses maybe applied in addition to course fee. Dependent on location of venue). 


The ‘Baby Nurture’ 5 week course investment also incudes:

– A bottle of cold pressed sunflower seed oil
– ‘Baby Nurture’ massage & reflexology digital handbook
– Join our ‘Mama Tribe’ social and baby events throughout the year