From the moment babies are born, they are ready to begin learning! The way that babies learn about the world around them is through sensory experience. It’s a great idea as parents to give our babies plenty of opportunities to learn. Did you know that a babies brain learns a lot quicker than an adults brain, so it’s the perfect time to begin encouraging your little one to explore and discover!

I can hear you ask yourself ‘But how do I introduce sensory experience to my baby?’

From birth to around the age of two babies will learn through their senses, such as touch and taste. This exploratory learning will promote your babies understanding of cause and effect, especially if it results in fun and excitment (we assure you that this is what Baby Discovery classes are all about!). This realisation builds up a connection to how your baby understands the world around them. You will learn and be inspired to recreate activities with your baby home, or equally let us do all the planning and setting up and just come along to our weekly sensory class for babies.

Our Baby Discovery classes are suitable for babies from six weeks to pre-walking. During our classes we promote Early Years Development and a sensory experience through the use of creative and imaginiative props and resources to heighten your babies senses and physcial development.

Every sensory class for babies that we hold includes: musical instruments during our circle time song, bubbles, light show, themed sensory props and parachutes, unstructered sensory play time, over-clothed baby massage, cuddle time and baby yoga. All of these elements focus on different developmental areas in speech and lanaguage, fine and gross motor skills and body awareness and sensory discovery.

How are we different to other baby sensory classes? We do not just provide a sensory class, but rather a multi-sensory class. We are different in the respect that we also include baby massage and baby yoga within EVERY class.

Why? In addition to sensory training, we are also qualified in baby yoga, and we understand the benefits of this practice with your baby and we are hugely passionate about equipping you with these skills and techniques for you to use at home.

Baby yoga and baby massage techniques are incorporated in the class in a lively and energetic way, and aid your baby in acheieving their development milestones. Specific poses encourage sitting independently, crawling, flexibility, body awareness and mobility. Not only this, but when you have a fussy, fractious baby you will know how to soothe trapped wind, colic and digestion.



Parents and babies will be transported into a magical world of discovery as they explore eight multi-sensory themes:

🐠Come an join us as we go ‘Under the Ocean’ with our sea parachute, build sand castles, surf on beach balls and enjoy our Hawaiian party 🐠

🇬🇧Enjoy a messy jelly play at our ‘Very British Tea Party’, as we wear our crowns, wave our flags, go marching up to the top of the hill and join our special friends at a teddy bear’s picnic 🇬🇧

🎸 Jive and stretch during our ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ week with your very own band, as we rock on our electric guitars and soulful saxophones. Splish and Splash dancing in water and ‘Shake, Rattle ‘n’ Roll’ on the pots and pans 🎸

🎪 Fly the trapeze and play peek-a-boo tricks, watch the spectacular show and magic tricks as you ‘Enter the Circus’ 🎪

🦁 ‘In the Jungle’ you will see an animal adventure parade as tropical birds glide through the sky and African animals travel through the jungle. Explore the treasure baskets, and create music to the African beats! 🦁

🌈 Come to sing under our rainbow umbrella and don’t forget your froggy shower caps as we splash in puddles with the ducks, meet our star puppets and colourful rain parachute during of ‘Under the Weather’ week 🌈

💫 Be a ‘Super Baby’ with your cape and masks and save the day as you build up your core strength and muscles and fly through the sky 💫

🚀 ‘Blast off to space’ as you sing and massage under the stars, fly through the sky, go under the night parachute and walk on the shiny moon 🚀

We also understand the importance of other parents having the opportunity to build relationships and socialise with other parents. So that’s why after every lesson we build in time to get to know each other and build friendships over tea, coffee and biscuits.

Start your  journey at our sensory classes for babies in Kent today and book online at Once Upon the Mat.