Baby Classes in Kent

Baby Classes in Kent

Looking for baby classes in Kent that will develop your baby while simultaneously relaxing both you and them in a wonderful, bonding time? Then why not try baby yoga.

Class duration
Classes are 50 minutes.

Age appropriate sessions
Sensory Baby Yoga classes are suitable from babies 6 weeks- 12 months (pre-walking).

Each sensory yoga baby class includes gentle yoga poses, popular nursery rhymes for parents to sing with their babies, over-clothes massage, musical instruments, bubbles, themed sensory play and relaxation.

Once Upon the Mat’s six week course provides more than just a baby yoga classes, as both babies and parents get to explore the following sensory themes:

– Under the Sea
– Teddy Bear & Friends
– Under the Weather
– Blast off to Space
– Journey to the Jungle
– The Circus Show

Baby Classes in Kent

Benefits of Baby Yoga:

Baby yoga can aid in gross and fine motor skills. It helps to improve sleeping patterns both in duration and frequency, as well as encourages sleeping through the night. The baby yoga poses and stretches aid in digestion, constipation, and relieve gas and colic.

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Parents are not limited to the six week course, and many participants have enjoyed the sessions so much they keep rejoining the course for more terms!

Our sensory baby yoga classes welcome parents into a calming and positive environment where they are welcomed to soothing classical music which encourages both parent and baby to relax. Contact me to get started.



Classes are £51 for 6 weeks


Babies will be led by parents in their yoga as they together participate in ‘Toes to Nose’, ‘Little Stars’, ‘Open Shut Them’, ‘Cat/Cow’, ‘Baby Sit-Ups’ and much more!

Each lesson will also equip parents with one of our yoga ‘Magic Moves’, for times when baby is fractious and unsettled.

Lots of popular nursery rhymes that parents can sing to their babies, musical instruments, bubbles and themed sensory play!

To end, parents can enjoy bonding with their babies in a nurturing, uninterrupted space during our guided relaxation.

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baby clubs in kent
baby clubs in kent
baby clubs in kent
baby clubs in kent