After School Clubs  Kent

After School Clubs Kent:

Looking for after school clubs in Kent for your KS2 class child? Why not try Yoga? It builds confidence, teaches respect and reduces stress & anxiety. Classes are run in Canterbury, Barham & Aylsham on a weekly basis

Class duration
Nursery & KS1 classes are 30 minutes.

KS2 classes are 60 minutes

About the class
Nursery & KS1 classes are developed around a short age appropriate story and theme to support the National Curriculum and emed the promotion of British Values within the lessons.

Children at this age still thrive on routine. Each yoga classes therefore begins and ends in the same way. Children will become familiar with welcoming each other into a positive, kind environment with the ‘Hello’ song, and end by giving thanks with the ‘Namaste’ song. This allows children to build confidence and familiarity which is built upon during the course of yoga classes.

Classes are structured with learning a variety of breathing techniques such as ‘Equal Breathing’, ‘Bumble Bee Breath’ and ‘Lion’s Breath’. Awareness of breath equips children to handle challenges such as anxiety or strong emotions.

after school clubs kent
after school clubs kent

Children then partcipate in a yoga warm up, asanas, partner yoga, and yoga games connected with the yoga story of the lesson. To finish, children learn to be still and quiet during the guided visual meditation.

KS2 and Year 7 secondary school yoga classes concentrate on themes connected to resilience. Lessons explore ‘Positive Body Image’, ‘Feelings’, ‘Believing in Yourself’, ‘Anxiety’ and many more.

Children will warm up their bodies in the practice of ‘Sun Saluation’ sequence each week, which will provide confidence as they enhance technique over the course.

Children will then explore the lesson theme through breathing techniques, yoga flow asanas, partner and group yoga and yoga games to promote working as a team.

The class ends will a longer savasana (relaxation) to encourage children to enjoy a time of quiet, stillness and reflection.

Once Upon the Mat’s unique ‘Resilience Curriculum Yoga Programme’ is carefully designed to embrace the National Curriculum’s aims, objectives and targets and embeds the British Values within classes. Contact me for more information.

after school clubs kent
after school clubs kent

Themes include:
Nursery & KS1

‘Mixed’, ‘Dinosaur Roar’, ‘Starting School’, ‘I Like Me’, ‘ABC Yoga’, ‘The Grateful Giraffe’, ‘Supertato’ and many more.

KS2 & Year 7 Secondary School

‘Positive Body Image’, ‘Anger’, ‘Confidence’, ‘Embracing Your Uniqueness’ and many more.


Prices for yoga classes are available on enquiry and are dependent on number of children, classes required and location.

After School Clubs Kent – Building Confidence

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